Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver is comprised of over 18,000 Catholic family members. 

     After its foundation, Divisions of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc were quickly established...

  • 1917 Fourth Degree (Authorized)
  • 1917 Junior Knights (Authorized)
  • 1922 Ladies Auxiliary (Authorized)
  • 1926 Ladies Auxiliary Division ( Established)
  • 1930 Junior Daughters Division (Established)
  • 1935 Junior Knights Division (Established)
  • 1980 Ladies of Grace Meritorious Division (Established)

     In 1926, under the leadership of the KPC National Council, Catholic women answered the call to organize and establish The Knights of Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary. The National Council recognized local Courts to form the Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, planting a tree that has now grown into a forest of approximately 11,000 Ladies!

Who is the KPC Ladies Auxiliary?

  1. We are Ladies who are young and yearning, wise and seasoned, vivacious and vibrant, studious and stunning, bold and bodacious, awesome and awe-inspiring, dedicated and determined.
  2. We are strong, proud and independent women willing to be of service to Our Noble Order.
  3. We are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends with a common goal of Faith, Unity, and Christian Charity.
  4. We are Ladies with our own unique identities who possess self-confidence, integrity, and the courage to express our opinions.
  5. We are Ladies willing to ensure the continuation of Our Noble Order for another 100 years.

To effect change in our communities, we must have the courage to demand the impossible and challenge ourselves. We must promote who we are as an organization. We all play a role in shaping our future. We ask you to join us!

We extend a cordial invitation to all Catholics to join (or reinstate your membership in) the Knights of Peter Claver, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, the Junior Knights or the Junior Daughters!

Goals and Objectives of the Order

  • To be a supporter to the local parishes and to the Bishop of the diocese
  • To participate collectively in various parish and community activities
  • To promote civic improvements and social justice
  • To encourage Lay Apostolic and Catholic action
  • To make contributions to worthwhile causes
  • To award scholarships and support education
  • To foster recreational assemblies and facilities
  • To develop youth in a positive, nurturing environment
  • To provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members

At Holy Name of Mary Parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary Court #134 of the Ladies of Peter Claver sponsor many activities to build up the parish by offering financial and spiritual support to the parish.  To join, please contact Grand Lady Estelle C. Baker at 773.339.5493 OR !!!

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