The Ministry of Commentator...

     Commentators have a special role in Eucharistic and other liturgies. They assist in setting the tone of the Liturgy by announcing the theme of the day's Mass, praying the Universal Prayers (Prayer of the Faithful), announcing intention of the Mass monetary collection(s), and encouraging greater participation in the Mass.

     Because the Comentator ministry assists us in praying more devoutly, it is important that several things occur.  First, the Commentatory must arrive at Sunday Mass at least 15 minutes prior to its beginning. Apparel should be appropriate for the day and ceremony being attended. Use the 15 minutes before Mass to familiarize oneself with the Intercessions (Universal Prayers) and, if needed, the Announcements.  

     About three (3) minutes before Mass begins, the Commentator should:

  1. Welcome the People of God to worship;
  2. Ask that all communication devices (cell phones) be silenced;
  3. Announce the Mass theme and the Mass Intention (for whom are we praying?);
  4. When the priest and Ministers are ready, announce the Entrance Hymn, requesting that all join in singing.

     During the Mass, the Commentator should approach the Ambo (pulpit) ONLY when he or she is fulfilling their ministry (they should not "park" at the podium). The Ambo is used after the Profession of Faith, for the Universal Prayers (Intercessions), and the announcements following the post-Communion Prayer.

     As the final words of the Creed (Profession of Faith) are being prayed, the Commentator should proceed reverently to the Ambo. The intent is to be at the Ambo as the Creed is finishing. After the priest give the introductory prayer, begin the Universal Prayer (Intercessions).

     Speak to the assembly in an intentional and clear voice, saying, "The response will be, 'Lord Hear Our Prayer.'" (or whatever the proper response is). Then in an intentional, clear manner read the Prayers. Remain at the Ambo until the priest has completed the Collect (concluding prayer). Do NOT turn the microphone off when finished, please leave it on. Then reverently return to your seat in the assembly.

     If there is a second collection following Communion, please let the priest know. Then go to the Ambo and announce the Second Collection (and what it is for). As the "Prayer After Communion" comes to an end, those doing the Announcements will make their way to the Ambo.

     After the Mass, please return the Announcements Book to the Lobby cabinet (near the water fountain). 

     Those wishing to serve as Commentators should contact the Rectory and leave your name, phone number, and ministry interested in with the Office Manager.

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