The Ministry of Announcer...

     Like Commentators, those serving in the Ministry of Announcer have a special role in all liturgies. Therefore, Announcers are asked to arrive at Sunday Mass at least 10 minutes prior to Mass beginning.  Your apparel should be appropriate for the day and ceremony which you are attending. Use the 10 minutes before Mass to familiarize yourself with the Announcements. Your task is to keep the Community of Faith well-informed regarding the happenings in the parish. 

     The Announcer should approach the Ambo (pulpit) ONLY when he or she is fulfilling their ministry (they should not "park" at the podium). As the final words of the "Prayer After Communion" are being prayed, the Announcer should slowly and reverently approach the Ambo. The intent is to be at the Ambo as the Prayer is finishing. After the priest is seated, begin the Announcements. As with the Intercessions, the Announcements should be read slowly, loudly, and clearly. Someone has put a lot of effort into writing the Announcements and the information being delivered is important for the assembly to hear and understand. 

     Speak to the assembly in an intentional and clear voice, saying, "The following are Announcements for the Week" (or the proper response written). Then in an intentional, clear manner read the Announcements. When you have finished all Announcements, do NOT turn the microphone off when finished, please leave it on. Reverently return to your seat in the assembly.

     After Mass, either the Announcer or Commentator will return the Announcements Book to the Lobby cabinet (near the water fountain). 

     Those wishing to serve as Announcer should contact the Rectory and leave your name, phone number, and ministry interested in with the Office Manager.